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CLP Trustees Meet in Open Session

Today's meeting focused on the importance of insurance.
July 22, 2014 - The Conneaut Lake Board of Trustees wants to make sure anyone using the park will be liable for any accidents.

The board's public sessions will happen every other Tuesday because there is so much to get done.

This one focused primarily on the importance of insurance.

Although the board is in limbo with many decisions pending the Crawford County Commissioners' vote on a possible sale, the trustees want to protect the park now.

The main order of business was how to make sure anyone leasing or using a portion of the park, such as a non-profits or businesses, will be liable if anything happens.

There was a guest speaker on hand to offer insight on how to go about the process.

The board wants liability contracts to be signed and proof of insurance to be provided.

There is a flea market Saturday and the board will start the liability contract process with those vendors.

The board is currently reviewing those leases to make sure they're in compliance.

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