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Millcreek Community Hospital Named Primary Stroke Center

Millcreek Community Hospital will now be the recommended hospital for patients in the immediate area suffering from stroke symptoms.
August 13, 2014 -

 It was announced today that Millcreek Community Hospital is now designated as a Primary Stroke Center. As an accredited Primary Stroke Center the hospital now has the capacity to stabilize and treat acute stroke patients, provide acute care, and administer a blot-clot dissolving medication (known as TPA) safely and efficiently. This also means that those living the area or visiting the area that may experience a stroke or stroke symptoms have a closer option for treatment. The State Department of Health's Division of Emergency Medical Service has a protocol; that protocol requires ambulance services to recommend to patients to go the nearest ER of a Primary Stroke Center accredited hospital, for this densely populated area of Peach Street, patients can now be taken to a hospital much closer than the other options. As a Primary Stroke Center, the hospital is required to arrive at the patient’s bedside within 15 minutes, offer 24/7 lab testing, and create a designated stroke care area. Medical officials say it's important to call 9-1-1 if you feel you are having a stroke, look for signs such as sudden numbness of the face, trouble speaking, walking or an unusual severe headache.

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