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New Changes Coming to Millcreek Mall

Forever 21, Five Below, Carters and Pandora will be coming to Millcreek Mall.

The Millcreek Mall is already seeing some changes and more are in store looking ahead. Icing, Journeys and Master Cuts are all getting news looks. American Eagle and Aerie will join force and become one store this year and Justice will also be doing some renovations. Pandora and Forever 21 will be joining the ranks of the Millcreek Mall. Pandora will be located next to Macy’s and Forever 21 will move into the recently closed, Gap store. Mall officials say this is just the beginning of changes for our area and many shoppers say this will save them a trip out of town to the get the stores they want. Plans are underway for improvements to the old Burlington Coat Factory. Officials say more big announcements from the mall will be coming soon.

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