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People Rush to Meet Tax Deadline

April 15th has people around the area filing their taxes up to the final minutes.

               APRIL 15, 2014-- Tax preparers around the area have been busy all season working with last minute filers. Officials say that if you are filing your taxes at the last minute to take a deep breath, because you don't want to rush and make mistakes. Enrolled IRS agents say make sure you have all your paperwork ready for the big deadline. Be sure to double check everything and make sure you have all your documents ready. It’s also important to double check that everything matches on your paperwork. If you don't have all of your paperwork officials say you should file an extension. What happens if you miss the big deadline? Well, officials say if you owe money the sooner you get it in the better, to avoid penalties and interest rates. Local residents say today was hectic to get that paperwork complete and in. If you did file an extension, that deadline is October 15th

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