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Pregnant Teen Dead in Ashtabula

A 17 year old girl and her unborn child are dead. Ashtabula Police have on man in custody as they investigate.

May 27, 2014-A 17 year old girl and her unborn child are dead and Ashtabula Police are putting together the pieces of a tragic puzzle.

Sources close to the investigation say the girl is Taisha Ramierez.

The 17 year old was taken to the Ashtabula Medical Center for treatment of a broken nose. The girl was reportedly 8 months pregnant. She was treated and released.

Police say officers were called to the girl’s residence on Sunday for what they call a “domestic situation”. She was later found unresponsive, taken back to the medical center, where she was pronounced dead.

Her unborn child was dead in the teenager's womb.

Ashtabula Police say a man is being held as a person of interest in the earlier domestic altercation.

The body has been taken to Cuyahoga County for autopsy.

No charges have been filed.

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