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Seawolves Host MECA Game

The Erie Seawolves partner with the MECA Adaptive Baseball League year after year to bring the love of the sport of baseball to those with the disabilities.
June 28, 2014 - Winning games is a priority for the Erie Seawolves, but the team wants the community to know that it cares about making sure everyone gets a chance to fall in love with America's favorite past-time.

Right before tonight's match-up against the Trenton Thunder, the Seawolves players took to the field for a game with people in the MECA Adaptive Baseball League Program.

The league gives people with disabilities a chance to play baseball, fall in love with the sport, and tonight-- to connect and interact with the Seawolves players.

Erie Seawolves president Greg Coleman told us they've been playing these games with the league for years and that it means a lot for them to connect with the community.

The Seawolves play with the MECA League players twice a year this was the first match-up of the season.

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