A Snowy Blast in April

April 15, 2014- Mother Nature is playing tricks on Erie once again, as we're hit with a spring-snow blast.
The weather today has taken a total 180 degree turn.
The high Monday was 74 degrees... Today, temperatures are dropping into the 30s.....
According to our Your Weather Authority Meteorologist Linh Truong, we may see one to four inches of snow during the day.
And tonight temperatures will dip into the teens.
The snow fall has prompted PennDOT to prepare for the worst.
Workers at the District One garage are fine tuning plows, following a brutal winter.
At this hour, 20 plows are working to clear the roadways across the county.
Operators will also spread anti-skid and salt for precautionary measures.
PennDOT officials urge drivers to take their time on the roadways.
It may be a little slick in some spots with limited visibility.
The good news though, according to our Your Weather Authority meteorologists, snow will be tapering off by the evening hours.... And by the end of the week temperatures will be seasonably warmer.

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