Adam Brown Case in the Hands of the Jury

- May 14, 2014-The fate of a man accused of attacking an elderly couple and slashing their throats now lies in the hands of a jury.

Closing arguments wrapped up late this morning.

Prosecutors say evidence is clear and Brown slashed the throats of an elderly couple.
But the defense maintains there is much more to this case.

Defense attorney Stephen Lagner spent almost thirty minutes arguing Adam Brown's innocence.
He told the jury this case revolves around whether it truly was Brown who committed the crime.
Lagner stressed that victim Elfreda Karmazin never actually saw who slashed her throat because she was attacked from behind.

Lagner claimed that Karmazin associated the attack with Brown because he was the last person's face she saw when he showed up at her door to use her phone that July morning.

In addition, he said that if Brown committed the crime there would have been more blood, and Brown simply was the person who got stuck holding the bag for his four co conspirators.

The prosecution fired back, literally referring to Brown's testimony as quote "bologna."

Chief Deputy District Attorney Brian Krowicki told jurors "the evidence you see is overwhelming of Brown's guilt."
He highlighted that Adam Brown acted alone and the neighbor was an eyewitness.

Krowicki said Brown's story about having four co conspirators and being the get away driver made no sense because he was a terrible getaway driver.

Finally, he told the jurors to think about the blood found on Brown. Blood from the victims was found on Brown's hands, clothing and shoes, making it clear that Brown committed the crime.

The jury will deliberate until a verdict is reached.

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