'Aggressive' pitbull shot by Erie Police officer

- A dog is shot to death by Erie Police in front of a crowd of witnesses after an altercation with another dog.

Around noon on Thursday, an EPD officer on patrol in the area of East 7th and Reed Streets witnessed a loose pit bull attacking a dog that was being walked by its owner. The dog being attacked was picked up by its owner, who fought off the pit bull to save his dog from further injury.

After turning its attack on a second dog, the pit bull was shot to death by the officer.

Erie Police Chief Randy Bowers feels that the officer was justified in the shooting, saying that "for the officer to shoot the dog, it must've been in a situation where he felt he was going to be in imminent danger of being bit, and it sounds like the dog was pretty much worked up into a frenzy."

Neighbors in the area who witnessed the officer kill the dog, say he could have used non-lethal force to control the dog.

One man was upset the officer fired on the dog in front of his two young sons.

Erie Police will be investigating the history of the deceased pit bull to check on any past incidents it may have been involved in.

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