Airport Firefighters Participates in Annual Training

- If you drove past the airport today chances are you saw a lot of fire and smoke, the good news is, no injuries, no worries, it's part of the Airport Fire Department's annual training session.

Today's fires on the runway may have been created in a controlled setting, however, there's a very real need for this kind of training. Dozens of firefighters taking part in the annual hot drill at the Erie international Airport Tuesday morning.

The dangers are real in this training session.

With help from fire officials from West Virginia University, the firefighters knocked out flames in the engine, the wheel, the cockpit, and on the runway.

Airport Fire Chief Tim Crane says this training is very necessary each year. "We can't do a lot during the winter season. We're plowing snow so you need to get out here and hone your skills, get the new guys -- we have three new guys -- out here in some of the heat, some of the smoke, to see how it is in a rescue in an aircraft."

And this is just the beginning of their training, this continues through Thursday. Tomorrow night there will the Federal Aviation Administration mandated tri-annual disaster training exercise.

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