- July 9, 2014 - The Erie Rail Terminal isn't moving full steam ahead in Harborcreek, but other communities along the rail line are welcoming the project in their own backyard.

Officials from Develop Erie say they've been contacted by several municipalities who want to be considered as the location for the rail terminal.

One of them is Albion.

Larry Bright, Albion Borough President, says they've expressed interest to Develop Erie to be the host site of the rail terminal.

John Elliott, President of Develop Erie, says it's a good project that's currently homeless.

They're continuing conversations with operating partners at this time but no concrete plans are in place.

Elliot says Albion has unique opportunities to be considered as the site.

Bright says they'd be in favor of the project, despite the traffic and noise concerns raised in Harborcreek.

There's no time table as to when the project could move forward.

Elliott says he's encouraged but the interest he's received since they stopped the project in Harborcreek.

According to Elliott, he says they would be warehouse and manufacturing jobs that would be on the high end of the pay scale.

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