Alleged East Erie Turners Shooter Headed To Trial

- The man charged with Erie's first homicide of the year, Courtney Harden, is headed to trial.

Investigators say 21-year-old Courtney Harden, a former Strong Vincent and Edinboro University basketball standout, shot 26-year-old Rashid Anderson to death.

In addition, investigators say three other people inside of the East Erie Turner's club in early January were injured by gunfire. 

During Harden's hearing a police officer and the three victims who were wounded by gun fire inside of the club took the stand.

Officer Steve Deluca revealed that the club was a troubled area and numerous incidents had happened there in the past.

He says in the early morning hours of January 6th he saw hundreds of people fleeing the club.

Next up, Daquan Henderson took the stand.

He's the brother of the homicide victim.

He told prosecutors that there had been a "beef" between his friends and Harden.

He said harden bumped him that evening at East Erie Turners.

And he saw Harden pull out a gun and begin firing shots.

He said Harden let off one to two shots hitting his brother.

Also, two girls who were shot testified.

Both said they don't know who fired the gun.

A Facebook status also was discussed stating that Harden said that Daquan Henderson would not make it to 2014.

Harden is being held without bond.

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