Attorney General Kane's 2013 Year In Review Details Vision, Accomplishments

- In an effort to provide taxpayers and the General Assembly with a firsthand look at the Office of Attorney General's efforts over the previous year, Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane today released a detailed "Year in Review" report for 2013.

The report highlights major accomplishments of the Office of Attorney General in 2013 and illustrates for residents the full scope and depth of the office's work. It is the first such report produced by the office since 2005.

"The Office of Attorney General works every day to ensure the physical and financial safety of all Pennsylvanians, and the achievements outlined in the report are only a snapshot of those efforts," Attorney General Kane said.

Produced in-house by the Office of Attorney General, the 52-page report highlights some of the work of each division and section, including: protecting children; combating drug trafficking; confronting the heroin epidemic and prescription drug abuse; curbing gun violence; fighting public corruption; safeguarding seniors; dismantling organized crime rings; prosecuting crimes against the environment; and protecting the public through consumer protection, anti-trust, and other actions in the best interest of all citizens.
Additional highlights of the report include:

Child Predator Section: Following a $3 million increase in funding, OAG upgraded personnel, equipment and facilities for catching child predators. In 2013, the section arrested 114 child predators, a sixfold increase from the previous year.

Mobile Street Crimes Unit: Launched in 2013 with bipartisan support from the legislature, this adaptable tactical unit is designed to leverage all levels of law enforcement to collaboratively and swiftly combat street crime, gang violence and drug trafficking. The unit in February of 2014 completed its maiden deployment to Hazelton, making more than 100 arrests and seizing more than 35,000 bags of heroin.

Curbing Gun Violence: The Philadelphia Gun Violence Task Force was launched to fight straw purchasing and other gun trafficking. In 2013, approximately 377 investigations were initiated, 151 arrests were made and 206 firearms were recovered. Additionally, Attorney General Kane, in 2013, closed the "Florida Loophole" to prevent guns getting into the wrong hands.

Education and Outreach: In an effort to proactively prevent crime through education, Attorney General Kane expanded and refocused OAG's existing education and outreach team.

In 2013, the Education & Outreach Section gave more than 1,600 presentations and reached more than 265,350 students, parents, teachers and seniors.

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