Behrend Students Prepare For High Mileage Competition

- If you think getting 28 miles per gallon is good, how about 1,290 MPG?  Students from Penn State Behrend's Supermileage Team are off to Marshall Michigan to compete in the Automotive Engineers International Supermileage Challenge held Thursday and Friday at the Eaton Corp. Marshall Proving Grounds.

The students spent the past year redesigning their carbon-fiber test vehicle that last year traveled nearly 13 hundred miles on a gallon of fuel. The president of the Supermileage team, Cody Colpo says they use a "burn and coast" method where they fire the engine and get up to 21 miles per hour then cut the engine and coast until they reach 10 miles per hour, then restart the engine for 5 or 6 seconds to get back up to speed.
they hope to do even better this year when it comes to the MPG.

The car weighs 76.5 lbs. The engine is a Briggs & Stratton, 1 horsepower, 4 stroke engine built by the students.

The competition takes place Thursday and Friday.

The team won the event the past 2 years and hope to bring home the Supermileage title again this year

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