Bottle Explosion Injures Five

June 17, 2014 - A backyard bonfire mishap on East Ninth Street sends multiple people to the hospital, and now officials are stressing the importance of safety.

Fire officials say this situation could have turned out much worse. Luckily the injuries weren't severe.

But what happened last night is a cautionary tale.

Backyard fires have become a summer staple for many of us.

However, things heated up late Monday evening on East Ninth Street.

A backyard blaze at a home in the 600 block ended with five people injured, including a one-year-old child.

Chief fire inspector Guy Santone said a glass beer bottle was thrown into the fire.

The bottle exploded, sending shrapnel and debris throughout the backyard.

Santone said the five people were hit with the shrapnel and were bleeding.

All five were transported to UPMC Hamot for treatment and released shortly thereafter.

According to Santone there are regulations in the city for fire pits.

Removable fire pits must be at least 15 feet from a structure or property line and permanent pits must be 25 feet away.

We knocked on the homeowner’s door. They did not want to talk on camera, but they did say they are fine.

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