Brides On A Budget: Wedding Cakes

- Our week- long Brides On A Budget series concludes this morning with options for affordable cakes.

Cake tasting is one of the favorite activities for a couple to share as they plan their big day, but those tasty cakes can come with a hefty price tag.

Some brides on a budget are going for cupcakes as a more affordable option if they have to feed a lot of guests.

For example, Icing On The Lake on West 12th Street charges 22 dollars for a dozen cupcakes.

If you have 200 guests, you'll spend 368 dollars in cupcakes...

The owner says you'd be hard pressed to find a wedding cake to feed that many people for that low of a price...

You'd be looking at a starting point of 500 dollars for a basic design.

A small one or two tier wedding cake for the bride on a budget can start under one hundred dollars.

Also, factor in the delivery and set up charge for your order, which runs around 125 dollars.

Some couples decided to pick up the order themselves or have a loved one do it to save cash, but this may be a risky place to try to cut the budget because if a blunder happens as you transport the order on your own, the bakery is not responsible.

If you had your heart set on a big cake but the budget doesn't allow there's a way to feed hundreds with different flavor cupcakes yet still have your cake and eat it too.

When it comes to picking a cake or cupcakes for your big day, it's recommended you book a baker as soon as possible because some cake shops only take one or two weddings per weekend.

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