Candidate LaVallee calls for VA Secretary Shinseki to Resign

- Dan LaVallee released the following statement today, calling for Secretary Shinseki to resign.
“I thank Secretary Shinseki for his service to our country. As a veteran and a Secretary, he has dedicated his life to our country," said Dan LaVallee. However, there are over 1,000,000 veterans in Pennsylvania who need new leadership to get to the bottom of the recent VA scandal. That is why I am calling for Secretary Shinseki’s immediate resignation.”
LaVallee continued, “This is about taking responsibility for the actions of your Department. The oversight responsibility was Secretary Shinseki's, and that is why I am calling for him to resign. We as a country owe the best to our veterans and we must hold those who fail them accountable. To simply give the Secretary power to fire people he deems responsible is not enough. As Secretary, he is the one responsible for these Veterans. Oversight should be active and involved, not reactive. We need new leadership in Washington that won’t assess the problem after it has happened, but will take the initiative to ensure that it never happens in the first place. Our veterans deserve better”
Dan LaVallee from Cranberry Township will face Congressman Mike Kelly in the November election.

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