Candidates Vying for Committee Seats

- May 20, 2014 - At the polls today, voters had to pick members to represent Erie County on the Republican and Democratic state committees.

But what exactly do those committee members do once they're elected?

The state committee seats are four year, unpaid terms.

The elected officials are essentially a voice for Erie in Harrisburg.

If you're a registered Democrat, you would have noticed Ian Murray's name on the ballot for the Democratic State Committee.

He's been on the committee since 1986.

Murray says he wanted to be a part of the committee to give Erie a voice in Harrisburg.

On the other side of the aisle, Republican Doug Boldt has been on the Republican State Committee serving four terms.

He's running again because of he's enjoyed his position over the years.

The members meet quarterly in Harrisburg to talk about candidates, to talk about endorsements and issues across the state.

Voters at the polls could pick three women and three men for the Democrat and Republican committees.

There were nine Democrats and 16 Republicans running for their respective committees.

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