Change in Ownership of Cancer Fighting Device

- January 14, 2014 - Akesogenx has now purchased the external radio-frequency generator and the information and theories on how the process works from the late John Kanzius' business, Therm Med.
With this change of ownership many questions arise, including, how Industrial Sales and Manufacturing - the Erie based group that engineers and manufactures the RF generators – will be affected.

ISM officials were not allowed to comment on how the company would be affected by this change in ownership, as per specific orders to not speak to the media, made by chairman and ceo of Akesogenx, Robert Zavala.

Zavala did have this to say about the future of operating out of Erie:

“We absolutely plan on continuing the relationship with Erie, pa based Industrial Sales and Manufacturing. The Rutkowski family has been instrumental in the engineering and manufacturing of the RF-generators and have pledged to continue in that capacity."

And for those who are wondering if this change in ownership will somehow affect donations made to the separate, nonprofit Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation, executive director Mark Neidig says don't worry.

”To bring John Kanzius’ idea into fruition that one day a better way of treating cancer will be possible, and we have maintained that fervor, and we will continue to do that and donations continue to fund just the research, (donations have) never gone to a for profit company,” Neidig said.

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