City Won't Appeal State's Gun Ruling for City Parks

- February 18, 2014 - It's been a long road for gun activist Justin Dillon: rally, after rally, and court hearing after court hearing, all because of a city ordinance that prohibited the carrying of firearms in city parks.

The case between Dillon and the city made it to the state level, with the state ruling in Dillon's favor, and ultimately striking down the ordinance.

Today, the city decided to not appeal the state's ruling, which in turn means the legal fight over the gun ordinance has come to an end.

The city solicitor was not available for comment on this story at this time.

So how do people feel about the outcome of this long battle?

Some, like Dillon, are happy about it, while others are worried about their safety, and some remain on the fence about how they feel.

Dillon said a victory rally will be held on April 12, at 2pm, in Perry Square.

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