Cold Temperatures Could Help Control Pests

- The freezing cold temperatures may have a positive effect when it comes to destroying, or at least slow down the spread of some pesky pests.

The Emerald Ash Borer has been a problem in the state for a couple years now, and the first pest was found in Erie County this past summer. An expert from the Erie County Cooperative Extension office said the pests can survive burrowed in trees to 30 below zero. We experienced temps from zero to 15 below earlier this month so the pest may not be wiped out but 34% of them may have died from the temperatures. With that pest, anything will help slow down the spread.
The cold temperatures also have helped eliminate the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, a pest the size of a pin head that is destroying hemlock trees in the state. They start to die when the temps fall below minus 4 degrees, so we should see less of this pest than last year.

  Also, the lack of any significant snowfall means the Grape Berry Moth, a problem for grape farmers, may not be such a problem this year. The moth lives under the leaves and brush and depends on the insulation from the snow to survive the winter. Because of the lack of snow, the below zero temps may have reduced the population as well.

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