Congressman Mike Kelly Running Again

- February, 19, 2014
Butler, PA – Congressman Mike Kelly announced today that he has begun to circulate petitions to run for re-election to the United States House of Representatives (PA-3).

“I am motivated and energized to run for another term because I believe I have played – and can continue to play – a major role in fixing what is wrong in Washington,” explained Kelly. “I remain steadfast in my commitment to restoring the American people’s faith and trust in their government. Just as important, I will continue to advance an economic agenda that will grow jobs through a fairer tax system and promote our home-grown energy resources. You hear a lot of talk about which nation will be the next great emerging economy these days, and I say you should look no farther than right here in America.”

As a successful small business owner, Mike Kelly has four decades worth of real life experience working in the private sector. As a local employer, Kelly understands the pressures our job creators face to help their employees reach their dreams and goals. After experiencing the wayward policies of Washington firsthand at his business, Kelly was motivated to change the course of Congress by running for office himself.

“I decided to run for Congress to stop the federal government from stifling the American spirit of entrepreneurship and threatening the American dream for future generations,” said Kelly. “I have been an ardent supporter of legislation that encourages – not stifles –economic growth, curtails the intrusiveness of abusive federal agencies, and reduces our record-high national debt.”

In his announcement, Kelly also voiced his support for a fairer and simpler tax code, which he said will shrink the influence of special interests and provide a spark for economic recovery.

“Commonsense tax reform will create new jobs, grow businesses large and small, expand trade opportunities, and increase paychecks for American workers,” concluded Kelly. “As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, making our outdated tax code fairer, simpler, and less costly for individuals and families is one of my highest priorities.”

As a Congressman representing Western Pennsylvania, Kelly spoke of the importance of embracing an “all of the above” energy strategy.

“I tell everyone in Washington that Western Pennsylvania, and the Commonwealth as a whole, has the ability to be a leader in the natural resource revolution,” said Kelly. “Energy independence has to be one of our country’s top priorities and we need to develop policies and regulations that will help us achieve it. Energy independence means more family-sustaining jobs, improved national security, and a cleaner environment. With the development of natural gas, renewables, and clean coal, the towns and workers of Northwestern Pennsylvania can be at the heart of this revolution.”

An outspoken critic of the Obama administration’s reckless bureaucracy, Kelly also pledged to maintain his role as a taxpayer watchdog against the IRS and other government agencies that have encroached on the constitutional liberties of the American people. Kelly is a co-sponsor of the Stop Government Abuse Act which will hold federal government agencies and high-level employees fully accountable for inappropriate conduct.

“I promise to continue to ask the tough questions and demand accountability from the reckless government agencies and officials that have failed the American people,” added Kelly. “We are not benevolent monarchs but elected stewards entrusted with the taxpayers’ money. We owe it to those taxpayers to ensure their government works for them in a fair, impartial, and efficient manner.”

“It has been a true honor serving my friends and neighbors of Western Pennsylvania in the United States Congress,” Kelly concluded. “I pledge to continue working hard to improve their lives – and the lives of all Americans – by restoring responsibility to Washington.”

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