Congressmen Issue Statements On Proposed EPA Standards

- Count on Coal today released the following statements from Pennsylvania Congressmen Lou Barletta, Tom Marino, Tim Murphy, Keith Rothfus and Glenn “GT” Thompson, and regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s comment period on its proposed New Source Performance Standard

Rep Lou Barletta: “I come from coal country, and I know how important the coal industry is in my district and throughout the Commonwealth. The regulations recently proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will continue to handicap American businesses by requiring U.S. companies to pay higher energy costs than our competitors in countries like China and India. These carbon regulations are an extreme overreach by the executive branch. In Congress, we have repeatedly voted against excessive carbon regulations, taxes, and so-called ‘Cap and Trade.’ And, I would do so again, if given the opportunity.”

Rep. Tom Marino: “This administration talks a good game when it comes to energy independence and their so-called "all-of-the-above" energy strategy, but their actions continue to excessively regulate and restrict the use of coal, natural gas and fossil fuel resources. The EPA's most recent proposal capping carbon emissions for power plants is not only unrealistic -- it will destroy even more coal jobs. Domestic energy has the potential to generate trillions of dollars and create hundreds of thousands of jobs, but bureaucratic barriers are limiting access to opportunity. Getting government out of the way will keep costs low for consumers and ensure we have a secure supply of domestic energy.”

Rep. Tim Murphy: ““The Administration’s anti-coal policies haven’t just put thousands of miners, boilermakers, and utility workers out of a job. They’ve also strained the power grid, and caused monthly heating and electric bills to spike for millions of homeowners during the recent deep freeze. To save these jobs and keep energy prices low for families and factories, I’ve cosponsored the bipartisan Electricity Security and Affordability Act. This legislation, which was just approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, allows us to invest in clean coal technologies instead of shutting down a crucial source of domestic energy under the latest EPA regulatory scheme.”

Rep. Keith Rothfus: “The new rule proposed by the unelected federal bureaucrats in President Obama’s EPA will result in lost jobs, higher utility bills for families and businesses, and reduced competitiveness of manufacturers in Western Pennsylvania and around the nation. This new salvo in his war on coal would effectively ban new power plants by forcing them to meet an emissions standard that cannot be achieved with any technology that is commercially available. President Obama should end his war on coal and focus instead on growing the economy and adding good-paying middle class jobs.”

Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson: “The Environmental Protection Agency’s new rule targets coal plants depended upon by communities and families across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where over 44 percent of power is generated by coal. The White House appears to be dead-set on eliminating coal from our fuel mix, without a proposal to make up for the energy we need. This will only cost jobs, harm economic growth and place an even greater burden on family budgets. We simply can’t stand for this rule.”

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