Credit Union Prepared for Robbery

- July 15, 2014 - Following a string of recent credit union robberies, local credit unions are letting people know that they're well trained and equipped to handle and deter criminal activity.

At Widget Financial Credit Union on Buffalo Road, cameras that are seen, and unseen, constantly monitor the building. Security photos there can be remarkably clear.

Credit union personnel often greet customers at the door, which is another way of watching for suspicious activity and potential criminals only have access to a limited amount of cash here. "In our case the money, it's closer to being at an ATM, it's a retail environment where you go up and talk to someone and the money comes out of a machine. If you're a criminal you're risking so much to get nothing," Trenton Mason, Chief Marketing Officer at Widget Financial, said.

Credit union personnel are also trained to deal with any suspicious activity and law enforcement in case of an emergency. "We're always making eye contact and there's other staff members that are at their desk that if the tellers are busy the staff members will come up and they will greet them at the door as well so they're always kinda in their face when they walk in the door," Branch Manager of Widget Financial, Brian Duda, said.

According to Widget Financial, these crimes are usually quiet but suggest that customers report any suspicious activity to credit union personnel. The moral to the story is: credit unions are no easy target, no more so than a big bank. They have the training and the equipment to help deter robberies and help catch those who try.

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