David Earls Sentenced to Seven Years Probation

- August 5, 2014 - David Earls plead guilty to one count of felony access device fraud after charges were filed against him for stealing from Saint Peter Cathedral School.

Earls has been sentenced to seven years probation and 100 hours of community service. He also agreed to pay back the nearly $170,000 in funds he reportedly took from Saint Peter Cathedral School.

Investigators say Earls embezzled the funds over the course of more than a decade. Officials say Earls was facing charges for theft including using a credit card inappropriately and giving himself pay raises through writing checks to himself.

Earls told the judge he believed the raises were approved by the school. In an agreement made with the district attorney's office Earls avoided trail and pleaded guilty to access device fraud for misuse of credit cards.

Earls, who is retired, said in court he plans to find a job to help pay back the rest of the restitution he owes to the school. School officials say they trusted him and it has been difficult for the Cathedral.

Earls wife, Anne, was also facing charges, but the district attorney's office dropped charges against her because Earls took full responsibility for the theft.

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