Destination Erie Collects Input from Community Members

- June 9th, 2014

Destination Erie is moving forward with the final stages of a plan that hopes to make the region better.

Destination Erie has been working on a multi-year plan for about two and a half years and it's hoping the public will help them find ways to continue to improve the Erie area.
The first in the series of public meetings was held on Monday in Girard where dozens of people came out to learn more about the project and give their input on ways to make Erie a better place for years to come.

Destination Erie had been working on this plan since 2012 and officials say it is now in the final stages.
It hopes to improve Erie's economic development, job creation, housing, the environment, transportation and other issues the people of Erie are facing.

Although the organization says it does not yet have specific projects in mind, it already has many people giving them ideas and they hope to collect even more this week from locals.
After this week, officials say Destination Erie plans to identify themes and connections within the ideas received.
The group hopes to pick the projects that have the biggest impact on the community that supports the vision of the project, to help families thrive, improve the environment and develop a framework for the future.

The organization says the plan will be created and revealed towards the end of this summer.
It will then be put up for public comment in the fall, and then finalized and implimented beginning in 2015.
The project is largely funded by a 1.8 million dollar grant from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Other meetings will be held throught the week in North East, McKean, Millcreek, the City of Erie and Corry.

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