ECAPE Agrees to Freeze Wages

Published 03/29 2011 04:26PM

Updated 03/29 2011 05:42PM

Another Erie County union has agreed to freezing wages for two years.

That decision is a boon for the Grossman administration which balanced their budget in large part with promises of freezing wages for county unions.

ECAPE, the union representing court employees, is the third union to agree to the freeze, but they are the first to do so after going to arbitration

That arbitration ruling could lay the groundwork for other unions that have chosen to go to arbitration over contract negotiations.

Pete Callan, Director of Personell said, "When they see generally that the majority of out unionized employees have 1 package they tend to go that way, they do make accommodations for each unit based on their needs."

County Council is expected to vote on the ECAPE contract at their Thursday finance meeting.

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