Eight Great Tuesdays' Fifteenth Season Kicks Off Tonight

- July 8, 2014 - Eight Great Tuesdays is taking over the Bayfront for its fifteenth season tonight. The event includes a variety of musical performances from hip hop and rap to rock and jazz.

The evening will also include the Eight Great All Stars including local artists who have performed over the years as well as musicians who are new to the Eight Great Tuesdays stage.

Event coordinators began planning for this celebration last September and are excited about the growth they've seen over the years. "We started very small, it was a few hundred people in the park going and seeing just, ya know, a few hours of entertainment. Of course we've grown to thousands and we're very pleased with that and ya know between the marinas and the boaters and the people on the bluffs, our crowds have just ballooned," Event Coordinator Robin Waldinger said.

Tonight's events will begin at 6:30 p.m.

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