Election Pre Testing

- Friday morning the Erie County Elections Department is conducting election pre testing of this May’s ballot software. Test votes will be cast for every candidate on the ballot, in every voting district in the County,in the same pattern.Utilizing the same voting pattern in every district allows the system calculate the correct totals in advance for later comparison.

Once conducted, the test vote results are uploaded ontodistrict specific devices called PEB’s (Personal Electronic Ballots). Thetotals on the PEB’s should match exactly the pre-calculated totals in theCounty’s Unity System; any variance would indicate a problem.

The first phase will take place at the Election warehouse; conducted by James
Czerpak. Video or photo availabilities may be arranged with this office.
Elections Supervisor Kimberly Deland is conducting the comparison phase of
the testing in the Voter Registration Office,Room 112 in the Courthouse. Video
and audio will be availablethere during the conclusion of testing between 2:30
and 4:00pm.

All test votes cast will be cleared from the PEB’s and the voting machinesat the conclusion of the test. Once completed results will be available to any interested citizen.

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