Elliot Spaeder Completes Lake Erie Swim

Published 07/22 2014 10:08PM

Updated 07/22 2014 10:26PM

JULY 22, 2014-- It took Elliot Spaeder just 11 hours and 28 minutes to achieve his life long goal. Spaeder swam from Long Point Ontario, to Freeport Beach in North East. His journey began in Canada at 7:14 Tuesday morning and he never looked back. Spaeder says swimming the lake has always been a lifelong goal of his and with the help of family and friends, he finally accomplished it. According to the Lake Erie Open Water Swimming Association Spaeder is the 16TH person to successfully complete the 24.3 mile swim. Spaeder has been training since September for the swim and has been raising money for the downtown YMCA along the way. Spaeder has been swimming at the YMCA his whole life. He has raised more than 10,000 dollars that will be donated to the YMCA, that money will go to new steps for the pool and scholarships for swimming programs.

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