EPD Warns of IRS Phone Scam

June 12, 2014 - The Erie Police Department is raising a red flag on a phone scam that could put your finances and personal information in jeopardy.

It's a scam that is sweeping the nation, from the West Coast right here to our Flagship City.

The person on the other phone is targeting your wallet and personal information and claiming to be a part of a federal agency.

You may want to think twice before you answer a phone call from an unfamiliar number.

City of Erie Police Lieutenant Ken Merchant is issuing a scam alert.

He has gotten numerous complaints about calls coming from a 202 area code.

The person on the other end is posing as an IRS agent and demands you pay them for taxes and other services.

The call appears legitimate, and you can hear chatter in the background which police say means several people are working together on the scam.

Lieutenant Merchant himself was the target of this scam twice now.

He said regardless as to how legitimate the call may seem, do not give out any personal information, including routing numbers, social security numbers or birth dates.

He said your best bet is to simply hang up the phone.

Lieutenant Merchant said it is rare to get a call from the IRS.

Typically if you owe money you will get a letter in the mail.

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