Erie Begins Direct Flights to Chicago

- JUNE 5, 2014-- Chicago is taking Erie’s airport to new heights. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the airport Thursday afternoon to commemorate the first flight of this new connection. The non-stop jet service from Erie to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport marks a historic milestone for Erie's airport. The connection will offer travelers a twice daily round trip to the windy city. Officials say this new flight is a huge asset to Erie and will open up more opportunity for business travelers in the area and for those wishing to cut one step out of their traveling. Erie International Airport Executive Director Chris Rodgers says the connectivity to Chicago offers more options for flyers than Cleveland did. Although service to Cleveland was stopped in Erie they say Chicago’s airport services the same connecting flights as Cleveland did and more. Rodgers says the cost of flying through Chicago is about the same as it was for those flying through Cleveland. Today's flight from Chicago to Erie was booked at capacity. 

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