Erie County Council Says Yes to Bayfront Hotel Project

February 11, 2014 - Council members Andre Horton and Carol Loll both voting no in the meeting while councilmen Fatica, Breneman, Foust, and DiMattio all voted yes..

Community members filled into the meeting and dozens of people voiced their opinion on the decision.

Nick Scott Sr says Scott Enterprises is disappointed with the decision, but it comes as no surprise after Tuesday's Convention Center Authority meeting.

During the meeting the authority met and approved a $65,000 enhancement fee that would go back to the county. They also agreed to give the county a parcel of land worth up to $250,000 at the north east corner of State Street.

Erie County Council officials say this negotiation ultimately helped make the decision.

They note tax payers would only be dishing out money if the authority defaults on it's debt.

Councilman Horton voted no saying he isn't against a hotel but wanted to table the vote to gather more information.

The authority has received a grant from the state for $25M that will go to the Bayfront Place Hotel that they would lose if they do not build it.

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