Erie Family Overcoming Struggles

By Danielle Woods

Published 12/25 2013 10:09PM

Updated 12/25 2013 11:14PM

December 25, 2013 - For the past 12 years, life has presented various challenges for Paula and Bill Krawczyk of Erie.

The couple has been married for nearly three decades, with husband, Bill, having served in the Army for almost as long.

However, things haven't been easy for the two: Paula developed breast cancer 12 years ago, and right after she finished chemo, her husband was deployed.

In 2004, Bill was deployed to Iraq, for a second tour, and got a serious infection and was exposed to chemicals, but because it wasn't a typical combat injury, it's been an uphill battle to get his medical expenses taken care of.

And then, things got worse last year: Paula got cancer, yet again, just before the holidays last year.

However, things are finally on the upswing for the two. Bill has been granted retirement from the Army, and given his medical benefits, and Paula has finished chemo, and her doctor says things are looking bright.

The challenges these two have faced has made them stronger, and given them a brighter outlook on life.

"You just don't know what tomorrow will bring. It makes you appreciate more of what you have, and we're blessed," said Paula.

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