Erie Neighborhood Watch Council Met to Prevent Crime in Erie

- APRIL 29, 2014--The past few weeks has seen a lot of violence in the area. Just Monday police responded to calls of one car shooting at another near East 25th and German Streets. Another call later in the evening had police on the scene near Buffalo Road and Cameron Street for neighbors reporting ten shots fired. Even overnight, police were called to the same area where fifteen gunshots were heard.. They found 12-13 shell casings at the scene. This recent rash of violence and crimes in the community has neighbors worried. On Tuesday the Erie Neighborhood Watch Council met with the community to see how they can rally together and help prevent this from continuing. More than thirty people came out to the meeting including the council and law enforcement officials to discuss their concerns and mission to help their neighborhoods. Many neighbors aired their concerns saying its not a nice way to live, always have to lock the doors and not feeling safe to be outside in their neighborhoods. Gang violence and break ins throughout the area were also major concerns for people attending the meeting. Many agreeing, they haven’t seen violence this bad ever before.  Council officials said bringing a positive group together to combat this will help. Law enforcement officials say neighborhood watch groups are huge aids when it comes to helping stop these things from happening. The council hopes solidarity and coming together as a supportive group will help deter crime in the area.

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