Erie People Busy with Snow Removal

- December 16, 2013 - No matter where you go, in or around, the city of Erie, you'll see it: snow, everywhere.

The city has certain rules when it comes to getting rid of the white stuff.

City officials tell us that three hours after the snow stops falling, that's when you need to make sure your walkways are clear, that is unless the snow, or snow/ice mix is too hard to shovel, in which case obviously that's out of your control.

City officials also say you can't shovel or blow your snow onto anyone else's property and that you can't put your snow into the street.

We caught up with some people who were out and about removing snow this afternoon, some as a side job, others as a friendly favor to family and neighbors, but no matter who these people are removing snow for, they say its a chore they're used to from living in Erie.

However, this season is unusual. At this time of year, Erie typically has only about 21 inches of snowfall, however, already we’ve seen 45 inches.

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