Erie Police Chief Announces Plan to Deal with Rash of Gun Violence

- May 1, 2014 – “First and foremost, we know we have a problem,” said Erie Police Chief Randy Bowers.

The gun violence problem has prompted the department to develop plans to combat the current issue.

The department continues to utilize the chronic offenders list that Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott says is still fruitful.

Chief Bowers says changes will be coming in the form of patrols.

The Neighborhood Action Team and Saturation Patrol Unit will work together now under SWAT Lieutenant Jon Nolan.

The Drug and Vice Unit will be unmarked cars throughout neighborhoods to gather intelligence for marked units.

Chief Bowers says the departments request to receive $300,000 in May instead of June for the Project Safe Neighborhood grant has been approved.

That money will be used for foot and mobile patrols in addition to neighborhood action and saturation patrols.

The department will also maintain a close relationship with Neighborhood Watch Groups.

So far in 2014, 41 firearms have been recovered; 35 of those were handguns.

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