Erie Public Schools Balances Budgets, Hears from Community

- MAY 28, 2014-- Erie Public Schools has a plan to bring its deficit down to zero. Superintendent, Dr. Badams, says the best option allows the school to avoid raising taxes while still filling in the gap.

With more than 70 teachers retiring, the district plans to absorb 12 to 15 of those positions allowing it to save on their salaries, benefits, and retirement funds. Money from a health trust and other cuts will help the school district bring its deficit to zero. The proposed final budget will need to be approved by June 30th. Badams says, although the budget for the 2014-2015 school year is balanced they need to stay focused on the future.

At Wednesday night’s meeting, more than 20 people spoke about the
Erie Rise Leadership Academy's notice of non renewal. Many of them asking the board to renew the charter. The district has to wait for at least 30 days to hear from the public after the public hearing on May 7 regarding the issue. The board originally voted to give the charter school a notice of non-renewal. Board members saying at Wednesday’s meeting that they are in the process of reviewing information and that no decision will be made any time soon. The district plans to wait until the final report from the auditor general comes out sometime this summer. The charter school will remain open for at least next school year.

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