Erie Public Schools Consider Expanding Pre-K


APRIL 2, 2014-- Erie Public Schools is considering expanding its Pre-K program. The district has an existing Pre-K program in place with partnering organizations that had over 200 students in the last year. Now, the school district is considering expanding its program to offer more access to families who want schooling before Kindergarten. Under a new plan the Erie Public Schools would move all of Pre-K students to existing schools. The district has at least seven schools that could possibly be Pre-K classrooms. Officials say that stretching the funding they already have would benefit those students on the waiting list for a spot. They say Pre-K in the districts current schools would make a smooth transition for students going to Kindergarten and would prepare them for the next step. Everyone agrees Pre-K is necessary, but board members were concerned that the change could cause problems for the districts existing partner Pre-K organizations.

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