Erie School District Raises Hotel Concerns

- The Erie School District board of directors is voicing its concerns about the possibility of another tax-exempt hotel along the bayfront.

And now they're making sure county council knows its position.

On the day before county council is expected to vote on a debt guarantee that would give the convention center authority approval for a debt guarantee of up to sixty million dollars.

25 million dollars for the project would come from the state in the form of a grant.

The board wants council to consider its financial situation.

Stating that they struggled with a 26 million dollar deficit in the 20-11 20-12 school year and face a potential deficit from five to seven million dollars in the 20-14 20-15 school year.

They want to see that land be used to maximize tax revenue.

They're also asking council to consider a payment in lieu of taxes agreement to compensate for the loss of tax revenue.

The resolution was to be hand delivered to all members on county council including the county executive.

The Erie County Convention Center Authority has a special meeting of their own set for tomorrow morning at 10 a-m.

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