Erie's First Flagship City International Film Festival Wraps Up


May 4, 2014-- Erie has never had its own film festival, but now the city can proudly say it has. The first Flagship City International Film Festival has come to a close. Coordinators say it was a low-key, but successful event and that this festival is something that people have been asking for for quite some time. Greg Ropp is co-owner of Erie Film LLC and the president of the popular Eerie Horror Film Festival. Ropp says a love for film is growing in the area. His business partner John Walkciewicz says this festival is another way to draw people into the area. Walkciewicz says he's hoping this becomes a long standing event in the community for many years to come and that maybe, just maybe it can grow to be as popular as the South by Southwest Festival. Greg Ropp, telling us tonight one of the celebrities who will be attending this year's horror fest, Oscar-nominated Eric Roberts. 

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