Escaping The Cold

- Are the frigid temperatures bringing you down?

If so you're not alone

According to a new study thousands of Americans are yearning for warmer, sunnier weather.

Data shows Americans have had enough of the polar vortex and sub zero temepratures booking trips to tropical locales in weeks or sometimes days notice.

All in an effort to beat the winter blues.

Travel to tropical locations has spiked by 38 percent.

According to travel site, jet setter dot com places like Mexico, California, Florida and the Caribbean are seeing an influx of tourists.

And here in Erie, local travel agents are reaping the benefits booking more and more trips down south and to destinations where you can hang out with a drink in your hand and toes in the sand.

Eric Dahlstrand, the manager of Miller Travel, says the bitter cold weather and record snow fall has sent Erieites into action in search of some much needed r and r.

Dahlstrand also says hotel prices are pretty stable and with competition between all inclusive resorts and cruises he says now is the time to book your next get away.

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