Family Demands Justice After Pomeranian Attacked by Pit Bull

MARCH 11, 2014- An Erie family is mourning the loss of their beloved dog after they say it was viciously attacked by a neighbor's Pit Bull...
Now, they want justice.
Monday, March 10th is a day that Chris and Stephen Dzuricky will never forget.
Their 9-year-old beloved Pomeranian named “Skipper” was brutally attacked as they were walking down the street with their other two dogs.
Their neighbor's Pit Bull from two doors down broke free of its chain on the front porch and jumped onto their dog and bit through his chest.
The Dzuricky's say moving forward is nearly impossible.
They want the Pit Bull euthanized.
However, despite the attack, Pit Bull owner Corey Braden says his dog is nice, friendly and harmless.
He says he admits he was at fault and he says he feels terrible about the situation.
He says he wants to keep his dog, but at this point he feels he cannot.
If Braden decides to keep the Pit Bull, he must register the dog as an aggressive animal.
In addition, he will have to carry a $50 thousand insurance policy on the dog.

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