Family Wages War on Heroin Epidemic

July 29, 2014 - A local family is waging war on the heroin epidemic through a newly proposed measure.

22-year-old Ryan Johnson lost his battle with heroin.

He overdosed a month ago.

But now his family is pushing for change and awareness.

The Johnson family marched into the District Attorney’s Office and presented a petition to Jack Daneri.

The petition featured more than 1200 signatures.

It calls for stricter punishment and lengthier sentences for heroin dealers, specifically prosecuting these dealers days after someone dies from a bad batch of the narcotic.

Ryan Johnson’s family members said they don't want to see another life lost or witness a family endure the pain they have experienced.

They said heroin does not discriminate and Ryan, who sought treatment three times, inevitably lost his battle.

Family members said they plan to meet with Daneri again in the future.

They are also calling on local legislators, including Senator Sean Wiley and State Rep. Curt Sonney.

The family also wants more programs in place and the Harborcreek community to take part in this fight.

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