Fatal Home Explosion in Ashtabula County

July 17, 2014 – A house explosion in Ashtabula County rocks a small town and kills one woman.

Now investigators are looking for a cause and cautioning home owners about the dangers of natural gas.

A loud explosion was heard in Orwell at about 6:45 last night.

It shook houses up to three miles away.

As emergency crews rushed to the scene, they approached what they thought would be a house on Montgomery Road in Orwell, but they found complete devastation where a home used to be.

The only thing left standing was a fireplace and chimney.

Debris was even found in a nearby tree and across the street.

A 27-year-old woman was killed when the house exploded, and a man suffered severe burns and is in critical condition.

Investigators have been on the scene all day to trying to determine an exact cause.

The assistant chief with the Ohio State Fire Marshal's office, Bob Sharp, said it seems to be a gas build up of some type.

It is possible natural gas got into a well on the property and entered the house that way.

A cause is not expected to be determined until at least tomorrow afternoon.

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