Former US Rep. English Calls out Wolf

- September 2, 2014 - Former US Congressman Phil English is demanding that the democratic candidate for governor come clean about his tax records.

English took the podium at the Erie County Republican Headquarters this afternoon, demanding that candidate for governor, Tom Wolf, share his personal and corporate tax records from the past ten years. English said Wolf hasn't been transparent with his business practices and stresses that releasing his returns is a must.

English said this issue is very important to voters this November.

In response, the Wolf campaign insists Tom Wolf has released the same number of tax returns as GOP Candidate Tom Corbett.

"Tom Corbett, in an attempt to distract from the multitude of scandals engulfing his administration, continues to make things up as he goes along. Unfortunately for Pennsylvania families, the reality is that Tom Corbett has decimated our schools and tanked our economy. Pennsylvania cannot afford another four years of Governor Corbett's annual deficits, education cuts, and a stagnant economy," according to Jeffrey Sheridan, Wolf campaign press secretary.

"Tom Corbett is a hypocrite. Only one candidate in the race for governor has raised taxes on the middle-class and that is Tom Corbett. He raised the gas tax through the roof and his education cuts forced property tax increases on middle-class families across Pennsylvania," Sheridan said.

"Tom Wolf wants to give middle- and low-income Pennsylvanians their first tax cut in 22 years."

Patriot News: Corbett releases five more years of tax returns, calls on rivals to follow suit
Also, here is Tom Corbett's website that shows only 5 years:

Tom Wolf released 4 years worth of taxes:

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