Gannondale to Close

- Erie, Pennsylvania, March 4, 2014 – After 80 years in operation as a human
service provider, Gannondale will officially be closing its doors. Owned by the
Sisters of Our Lady of Charity, the non-profit agency is set to cease daily
operations as of June 30, 2014.

Gannondale was established in 1934 to meet the needs of adolescent
females who were experiencing behavioral, emotional and family difficulties
that precluded their remaining in the community. At the request of judges who
saw a need for a facility to provide gender responsive care in a secure setting,
Gannondale was the first private agency in Western Pennsylvania to provide
secure care for adolescent females. In recent years, however, the trend
within the juvenile justice and child welfare systems has shifted towards
keeping youth closer to home and out of residential facilities, if at all possible.

The very difficult decision to discontinue residential services comes primarily
as a result of the significant and continual decrease in the total population of
youth being placed in residential care throughout the state of Pennsylvania.
The good faith and exhaustive efforts on behalf of our staff and board
members to find a way to continue operations to this point has been
exceptional. Unfortunately, at this time it has been determined that it is not
financially feasible to sustain this service.

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