Golden Apple Award: Mrs. Jessica Hutchison

- March 26th, 2014

There is now a matched set of Golden Apple Awards in the home of two local school teachers.
This week we feature the wife of a former Golden Apple Award winner who now has one of her own.

Mrs. Jessica Hutchison is a 3rd grade teacher at Edinboro Elementary School.
She joins her husband in winning this prestigious award for educators.
Jessica says her love of children and making a difference in their lives is what motivated her to become a teacher.
But even with kids of her own at home, it's her students' thirst for knowledge that keeps her coming back every day for more.

Jessica Hutchinson, Golden Apple Award winner, said: "I have two little ones ... how tired I am. They just show ... as a teacher."

Maria Forgione, student nominator, said: "She always makes learning feel so much better ... and she makes me want to go to school every day.

Inside Mrs. Hutchisons classroom, the economy here runs on Hutch bucks ... a unique way of teaching third graders about money. How to earn it, save it and spend it.

Maria, "What you had to do ... she gave you hutch bucks."

Mrs. Hutchison, "I feel as though ... on a daily basis."

Mary Jo Melvin, PhD, Edinboro University, said, "Not only are they ... going to learn it."

Lou Baxter,, said: "Congratulations to Mrs. Jessican Hutchinson, this week's Jet 24 - Edinboro University Golden Apple Award winner."

If there's a teacher you'd like to see win a Golden Apple Award, nominate them on the contest page of

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