Good Kid: Bella Blackmond

- March 10th, 2014

She's a one of a kind helper at just eight years old and she's cheering on her sister and other teammates along the way.

In just third grade, Bella Blackmond has already learned the value of giving back to the community.
Her mom says her passion for helping others is like nothing she has ever seen.

Kathleen, Bella's mom, says: "She just loves it she loves being around special needs children and helping out anyway that she can."

Bella has a special bond with her older sister, Heather. And although they are years apart in age, their mom, Kathleen, says they have a special bond.
Heather has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair, but that doesn't hold her back from cheerleading, with the help from her sister.

Bella Blackmond, good kid, says: "She can't do normal cheer leading, so I want to help her get awards and be happy and have fun."

Bella, who combines her passion of helping others with her love of cheering, volunteers to help the special needs cheer team.
She says she loves being able to be on the mat with her teammates. Her favorite part is seeing them smiling and having fun.

Bella, "It gives kids that can't do normal cheerleading the chance do do cheerleading."

Bella's mom says she is so proud of her daughter, who is so caring and loving at just eight years old.

Kathleen, "She's really encouraging with them. She's an exceptional child."

Kathleen says Bella is always doing what she can to give back to people.
For her birthday party she collected donations for the Anna Shelter instead of presents. And she is growing her hair out to donate to Locks of Love.
Bella cant wait until she is older and can continue helping other organizations.
She hopes to one day become a doctor so she can continue helping people.

Kathleen, "I think she is going to do something that helps people. I thinks she is going to change the world."

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