Hearts Without Homes: Carl

SEPTEMBER 10, 2012-There are hundreds of children in our area that are waiting for their dream family.

    Do you want to help?

    Meet Carl.

    He's an optimistic and energetic 16-year-old who is hoping that you will open your heart and give him a home.

    He's your average sixteen year old boy with a smile that could light up a room and a heart of gold.

"I've got a positive attitude, joyful and I make people laugh a lot," says Carl.

    Carl and I were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful day under the sun playing one of his favorite things-paintball.

    It was the perfect activity for Carl who describes himself as a fun loving country boy who loves being outside and working with other people.

"I grew up on a farm.  I'm a farmer number one and everything else is number two."

    Thanks to JAW Paintball in Albion we got to play with professional team Shark paintball.

    Carl and I hit up the paintball field, and we learned rather quickly that the fun filled game can hurt.

"I played paintball with the sharks.  It was fun, but it hurts when you get shot!"

    I even took one for the team... and a paintball to the face, but it was well worth it.

    When Carl's not helping others, he enjoys working on cars, wood working and playing games on Xbox.

"I work outside.  We build picnic tables inside the workshop. A lot of building. A lot of work. A lot of everything," says Carl.

    Days like this make Carl smile because he has been through a lot.

    Carl was removed from his birth family at age 4, was put up for adoption at age 9 and then was put back into the system after his adopted father was incarcerated.

    Carl told me times have been hard, but his strong faith and positive attitude help him get through each day.

"I think that god would mostly help me with my path I need to go on that fits me.  With god he will point me in the right direction."

    When Carl gets older he wants to join the Military and work as a mechanic.

    If you want to open your heart up, contact Family Services of North Western Pennsylvania at 814-866-4500.

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